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Lathala ni gomezlaw | Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comment-Banner Exchange
The Comment-Banner Exchange is so simple It's simple as for every 3 comments (1 comment per blog post) you post in my blog, i'll give you one banner (125px X 125px) posted in my blog that will run for one whole week. So if you posted 6 comments, you will be entitled to 2 ad space for one week or 1 ad space that will run for two weeks.

To get your banner space, follow the following steps:

1. Comment on my blogpost (Remember: one or more comments on a particular blogpost will just be consider as one (1) comment.  Please use same username for all your comments  for my monitoring purposes)

2. After posting your 3rd comment, please notify me thru my email ( with the location of your image (http://.........image.jpg) and your target website (

After completing this step, I'll email you the date your ad/banner will start running. You will received another email from me at the start of the run of your banner.

Its simple, right?

CBX Plus

CBX plus is just extending the concept of my comment-banner exchange. This is how it works:

1. Subscribe to my blog and i'll give you one (1)  ad space that will run forone (1) month.
2. Follow my blog and i'll give you one (1) ad space that will run for one (1) month.
3. Link my blog and i'll give you one (1) ad space that will run for one (1) month
4. Comment on 12 of my blogpost and i'll give you one (1) ad spcae that will run for one (1) month.

Please do email me at if you will avail of CBX/CBX plus. If you done all or a combination, please include in your email how you want your add to run.

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